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Lewco Electric Full Service Battery Chargers
115 or 230 volt
50/60 Hz

FS 1220 ACD                                     FS 2420 A                                        FS 3220 A                             FS 3620 A
12 VOLT                                              24 VOLT                                            32 VOLT                               36 VOLT
20 AMP                                               20 AMP                                              20 AMP                                 20 AMP
3 BANK OUTPUT                               1 OUTPUT                                         1 OUTPUT                            1 OUTPUT

FS 1220 ACD4                                    FS 2420 ACD                                 FS 3220 ACD2                      FS 3620 ACD
12 VOLT                                                24 VOLT                                          32 VOLT                                 36 VOLT
20 AMP                                                  20 AMP                                           20 AMP                                  20 AMP
4 BANK OUTPUT                                 2 BANK OUTPUT                           2 BANK OUTPUT                 2 BANK OUTPUT

FS 1240 ACD                                      FS 2440 A                                        FS 3240 A                              FS 3640 A
12 VOLT                                                24 VOLT                                           32 VOLT                                36 VOLT
40 AMP                                                 40 AMP                                             40 AMP                                 40 AMP
3 BANK OUTPUT                                 1 OUTPUT                                        1 OUTPUT                            1 OUTPUT

FS 1240 ACD4                                     FS 2440 ACD                                  FS 3240 ACD                          FS 3640 ACD
12 VOLT                                                 24 VOLT                                           32 VOLT                                  36 VOLT
40 AMP                                                  40 AMP                                             40 AMP                                   40 AMP
4 BANK OUTPUT                                  2 BANK OUTPUT                            2 BANK OUTPUT                  2 BANK OUTPUT

FS 1280 A                                              FS 2440 ACD3
12 VOLT                                                 24 VOLT
80 AMP                                                  40 AMP
1 OUTPUT                                              3 BANK OUPUT 

FS 1280 ACD2
80 AMP

FS 1280 ACD3
80 AMP

Lewco Electric Full Service Model Battery Charger
Features and Functions

Keeping batteries charged
     The FS Lewco battery chargers have electronics that regulate voltage independently to each battery bank.  Once a battery bank is charged the FS Lewco battery charger will switch to a float voltage.  This keeps batteries from over charging, but also maintains voltage at a useable level.
  The charger has a unique multiple stage charge.  When a bank is reaching full charge the machine will begin to pulse the bank until the optimum voltage is reached.  From that point the machine lowers its output and increases the pulses.  That ensures that the batteries stay active without harming them.
  The FS Lewco battery charger will begin charging a battery bank the moment the bank begins to go down.  If a small load is on the bank the charger will maintain the load to keep the batteries up.  The charger will not go into a timed cycle every time a bank goes down, it will bring the bank up then go back to maintaining it even if it only takes a few seconds.  This keeps banks that are fully charged from having to endure high voltage timed cycles that would damage charged banks of batteries just because a small intermitent load came on.

Charging different battery banks
    The FS Lewco battery charger will charge different battery types at one time.  If there are gel batteries in one bank and you have lead acid "wet cell" batteries on another the charger will charge each bank, at the same time, completely independent of the other.
  Many times there will be a bank of batteries that need to be charged, and a bank that needs no further charging, a typical situation seen is with engine and house banks.  The FS Lewco battery charger will maintain the full bank(s) and charge the low bank(s).  This is a feature that is crucial to protecting batteries.  If not for this feature full batteries would be charged at the same rate as low batteries, causing them to be damaged.

The Lewco way
    Each FS Lewco battery charger is american made of the absolute best quality components available.  Here are a few examples of these machines durability.  A 24 volt 40 amp charger will have a 85 amp rectifier and 100 amp controllers.  A typical on off switch is replaced by a three postion silver contacted rotery switch.  A.C. and D.C. breakers are incorporated into the machine to protect it.  Heavy marine wire is used to wire the machine, as large as #2 gauge, in every part of the machine.  The transformer is designed for marine use and incorporates isolated primary and secondary coils, preventing electrolysis and eliminating shock on charging lines.  The control module that regulates charge is completely sealed in epoxy.  Even when a Lewco battery charger is pushed beyond its rating it is difficult to damage.

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